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Long Island FQHC, Inc. (“LIFQHC”) Compliance Program

Long Island FQHC has instituted a vigorous compliance program that is intended to promote ethics and

integrity in the workplace and to prevent and detect wrongdoing of any kind, including but not limited to fraud,

waste, and abuse in its organization relating to Federal and State health care programs.

LIFQHC Code of Ethics Applies to Everyone Associated with LIFQHC

To this end, LIFQHC has promulgated a Code of Ethics, a set of general principles to which LIFQHC expects every member of the Corporation, every Director, Officer, Clinical Practitioner, Employee (full-time and part-time), student, and volunteer to strictly adhere. Additionally, LIFQHC expects all of the Corporation's contractors, vendors, consultants, and other agents to comply with the LIFQHC Code of Ethics as a condition of doing business with LIFQHC.

Employees are Required to Report Suspicions of Wrongdoing; Reports Can Be Made Anonymously;No Retaliation for Good Faith Reporting

To assist LIFQHC in meeting its legal and ethical obligations, any employee who reasonably suspects or is aware of any wrongdoing on the part of any member of the Corporation or any LIFQHC contractor, vendor, consultant, or agent is required to report such information to his/her supervisor, to a member of the LIFQHC Executive Staff, to LIFQHC’s Compliance Officer, or via the LIFQHC No-Caller ID Compliance Helpline (see below). Any LIFQHC employee who reports such information will have the right and opportunity to do so anonymously and will be protected against retaliation for coming forward with such information both under LIFQHC's internal compliance policies and procedures and Federal and State law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, LIFQHC retains the right to take appropriate action against any employee who has participated in a violation of Federal or State law or of LIFQHC policies and procedures.

Patients and Others are Encouraged to Report Suspicions of Wrong doing

In order to help us provide our patients and nursing home residents with the very best of quality care, LIFQHC strongly encourages any patient, nursing home resident, contractor, vendor, consultant, agent, visitor, or other person who reasonably suspects or is aware of any wrongdoing by anyone at or on behalf of LIFQHC to report such information to LIFQHC's Compliance Officer or to call the LIFQHC No-Caller ID Compliance Helpline.

LIFQHC will Investigate All Reports of Suspected Wrongdoing

LIFQHC obligates itself to investigate any suspicions of fraud, waste, or abuse swiftly and thoroughly through its internal compliance programs and processes. If LIFQHC determines that a violation of its Code of Ethics or other wrongdoing has occurred, LIFQHC will implement an appropriate corrective action plan including disciplinary action against wrongdoers.


HIPAA Information Security Officer

Simon Chiou

Tel.: 516.546-4203

E-mail: schiou@numc.edu


Affiliated with NHCC:

Key NHCC Compliance Program Contact Information

Chief Compliance Officer

Megan C Ryan, Esq.

Tel: 516.296.2389

E-Mail: meganryan@numc.edu

HIPAA Information Security Officer

Wai Au-Yeung

Tel.: 516.572-6616

Pager 516.651.5455

E-mail: wauyeung@numc.edu

Equal Employment Officers

Maureen Roarty & Corinne Imbert-Faria

Tel.: 516.572.6301

E-mail: mroarty@numc.edu or cfaria@numc.edu

Patient Safety Officer